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About Interrobang‽

Not sure what I just saw... but it was funny.

!+?= Originally formed in 2011, Interrobang‽, is comprised of Pepperdine University alumni and former members of PIT (Pepperdine Improv Troupe). Their first public appearance as Interrobang‽ was the Cherry Crush competition at IO West. Since their long stint as reigning champs in the crush they have played in various shows/venues throughout LA.

Interrobang‽'s members have taken classes all around LA including The Groundlings, Impro, UCB, 2nd City, IO West, Comedy Sportz & Monkey Butler. The team has been coached by a variety of different coaches including; Tracy Burns, Allen Simpson, Blake Houge, Michael Garcia, Eric Price, Nate Caywood, Jaime Moyer, Brian Jones, Dave Hill, and Dave Razowsky. Interrobang‽ is known for it's energy and attractive charm they bring to any stage they step on. Have a party, convention, boy scout troupe, reunion, or zoo you need entertained‽ Book this troupe and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Interrobang is a rejected punctuation mark. It combines the functions of the interrogative point and the exclamation mark. The glyph is a superimposition of these two marks.
A sentence ending with an interrobang asks a question in an excited manner, expresses excitement or disbelief in the form of a question, or asks a rhetorical question. For Example: What did I just see‽ How did that just happen‽ What do you mean you're a man‽

All said questions can be heard from our audience during any givin show we perform.


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Really Weird

Sethward was born and raised in a small Texas town amongst a large Texas family. Therefore, in order to get attention he had to be louder, bigger, and weirder than five other siblings. His comedic style stems from his childhood; physical, absurd and immature. When he's not making stuff up on stage you can catch him making stuff up on the internets among his sketch comedy team or once every three months on Tv when they decide to rerun that one episode of The Office he was in.


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Zachary Garrett‽

Well Read

Zach hails from the bible-belt town of Humble, TX. Discovering at an early age that he did not have the stature for sport, Zachary decided to improvise a new plan for himself. At the ripe age of 14, Zach started improv teams with friends and tried to hustle local gigs anywhere he could. Over the last 8 years, the only thing that has changed is the state he's trying to play in. Along with improv, Zach has a passion for producing; with two feature films, some shorts, and a number of sketches already under his belt.

David Sheftell‽

Character King

David Sheftell, best known for his role as Max Devore opposite Pierce Brosnan on A&E's "Stephen King's Bag of Bones", is a California native and a graduate of the Pepperdine University theatre program receiving a B.A. in Theatre. Over his four year tenure there he starred in 9 of the 11 shows he was cast in. Mostly notably of which were "The Seagull", "Hamlet", "The Laramie Project", and "Brigadoon." After School he studied with Howard Fine, Jay Scully, Robert D'Avanzo as well as many Improv schools including the famed Groundlings and can currently be seen weekly performing at IO West in Hollywood with his Improv Team INTERROBANG‽ . He is currently working in LA and is a Hardworking, Trustworthy, and Professional Business-minded Actor. So if you are looking for a Smart, Sophisticated, Wise-Ass, I'm your guy!


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Erika Varela‽

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Grampa Jokes

Erika, when not working as a volunteer firefighter, or donating to many charities, likes to perform for the masses, in media scripted and not. A graduate of LACHSA, and Pepperdine University, both of which in the concentration of theatre, she has performed in over a dozen theatrical productions. Maybe even a million. Erika loves live performance, and loves playing with the rapscallions of Interrobang. She hopes to one day do comedy...on the moon.

Blake Curtis‽

Mr. Funny

Blake is a military brat, born in Oklahoma and grew up in Texas and California. He studied filmmaking at Pepperdine University, and shortly after graduating, decided to pursue an acting career. His comedic style can be described as quirky, goofy, and intelligent. When he's not plugging away at acting or improv, he's probably making you a cappuccino.


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David McKee‽

A Queen amongst boogers

David is an L.A. born performer who grew up in the booming metropolis of Tucson Arizona. Pepperdine graduate with a degree in Theatre Arts, David has used his experience in college to land him a day job selling hand made soaps. By night he transforms himself into West Hollywood's newest drag sensation, Misty Violet. She can be seen performing in WeHo, Long Beach and Temecula on any given night. When not in high heels or demonstrating the wonders of bath bombs David loves drinking one too many PBR's and seeing if his fellow members of Interrobang will allow him to come back to perform another night.


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Kyle Helf‽

John Mayer Lyric

Kyle Helf was born in a San Jose. Hating hockey, he decided to pack it up and ship out to LA. LA Baby, it's a town... and boy oh boy did this town change Kyle. Wasn't long till Kyle was going full frontal nude on multiple projects... Wasn't all bad though, as Kyle was eventually rescued off the streets and inducted as the Interrobang alternate player/Full time videographer. It was here that he discovered his 3rd love, shooting digital video. (The first two loves being toasting the marshies and eating the marshies, in that order) It wasn't until a certain Mishy Turner was swept off to Morrocco that Kyle had to step it up HARD and begin playing full time with Interrobang, which led to a sharp and immediate increase of laughs from audiences...yet a decrease in quality of video coverage of the shows. This was clearly a welcome trade off for the Interrobang group. On an unrelated note, if anyone out there would like to apply for the position of Interrobang videographer, please send full body shots, (no resumés or reels or any of that bs) to KwHelf@gmail.com. Thank You.

UPDATE 4/9/12: Upon closer inspection and thorough research from the Interrobang in-house scientist/librarian, it has been determined that Kyle's addition to the team had in fact reversed the team's effectiveness of getting laughs, winning shows, and all around getting dat swag... but ya know what, we all had some laughs didn't we?


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Mishy Turner‽

Hunker Down

Mishy is a born and bred LA native, basically she is a unicorn. She has taken the unicorn thing pretty seriously and has her very own horn implant. It is made of crystals and capsulated baby laughter. By day she parades around pretending to be an adult and by night she lets her hair down and her horn shimmer performing improv all over Los Angeles with her colleagues. Mishy likes to write things down and make flower crowns.