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Seth Allison grew up in a large Texas family in a small Texas town. He graduated from Pepperdine University with a B.A. in Media Production, accompanied by an emphasis in acting. There he was the executive producer of "The Randumb Show," a sketch comedy program broadcast on local Malibu station 32. He currently resides in Hollywood California.


You’re not going to find a more bizarre style of comedy than what Sethward brings to the table. By melting clown-improv-sketch-character-shock-absurdist humor into what he calls a hyper commitment performance. He’s part of a wild psuedo-clown comedy group called Wet the Hippo. He’s also in an absurdist comedy show The Murge from The Idiot Workshop. Sethward hosts LA's best prereleased comedy videos at an outdoor screening every last Friday of the month at Show & Tell Screening Spectacular.


While not on stage he produces ridiculous online videos for his youtube channel that accumulates over a million views a month. Specializing in taking ridiculous ideas to deranged and hilarious places, but committing so hard it becomes beautiful at the same time. He’s a cartoon in real life; melting a homemade aesthetic and physical comedy that no one else can emulate. Who knew pratfalls could contain such heart? Check out 


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